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This is the journal for Alien Lisa's (alienlisa) guys for when they want to update individually instead of a whole group situation. They have the blog for that. Listed in the table below is who'll be using the place, including their color codes, even though the beginning of each post will tell you who's updating.

Yes, I (gigs_83) am blatantly ripping off an idea (vimh) from another (drazzi) once again. Eh, what the hell? Why not?

The characters here are not mine. They belong to their original creators. I don't own them (though I sure wish I did).


NAME: Jamie McCrimmon
COLOR: #CD4333
ORIGIN: Doctor Who
INFO: Lisa and Jamie fell in love during the adventure in Scotland. Unfortunately, when Jamie was sent back to Earth when the Doctor was put on trial after taking part in the War Games, his memory was partially erased, however, the erasure slightly backfired because Jamie still remembered meeting Lisa and having some sort of special friendship with her.

NAME: The Doctor (5)
COLOR: #80FF80
ORIGIN: Doctor Who
INFO: It was while he was recuperating in the TARDIS, during one of his losses in strength, as she held him and tried to comfort him that they fell in love. He felt he needed to stay with her, as he felt a little better when she was near him. His regeneration to his sixth incarnation caused the link to weaken almost to the point of severing, however, he was still her best friend and she still stuck with him.

NAME: The Doctor (8)
ORIGIN: Doctor Who
INFO: The Doctor was shot and brought to a local hospital by Chang Lee and "died" on the operating table. He regenerated in the morgue (all of this Lisa felt through the link), which resulted in post-regenerative amnesia, though he seemed to remember a little about Lisa, including the fact that he had to find her. He enlisted the help of Dr. Grace Holloway for this, and he and Lisa were reunited just as the Doctor regained his memory. It was love at first sight.

NAME: The Doctor (9)
ORIGIN: Doctor Who
INFO: Their love from the Doctor's previous regeneration simply carried over to this one.

NAME: The Doctor (10)
COLOR: #FF9966
ORIGIN: Doctor Who
INFO: Their love from the Doctor's previous regeneration simply carried over to this one. Despite factors that tried to and sometimes did separate them, Lisa and the Doctor were together until he used up his last regeneration, when he asked her to bring the TARDIS somewhere safe and to look after the universe for him, as he'd put a lot of work into it.

NAME: Adam Newman
ORIGIN: The Tomorrow People
INFO: Adam and Lisa were swimming near each other and Adam was being attacked by a shark. While he had a knife with him at the time, as a Tomorrow Person, he couldn't bring himself to use it. Lisa distracted the shark and teleported Adam to safety, treated his wounds, and they fell in love. She had to rescue him again when he fell into a trap set by Professor Galt and his assistant, Gloria, almost killing him due to using too much power. Lisa interfered, and Adam's teleportation brought them to an island with an underground spaceship. Here, they learned about the existence of other Tomorrow People, and Adam and Lisa stayed together until the day he died.

NAME: Tommy Oliver
ORIGIN: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
INFO: Seeing and sensing Tommy's distress, Lisa went to him and tried her best to make him feel better. It seemed to work, and when she left, knowing he desperately wanted to see her again, she came back a few days later, meeting up with him in the very park in which they'd first met. That evening, he fell seriously ill with a terrible case of pneumonia, and Lisa brought him to Alnilam to have Medicus cure him. She and Tommy fell in love while he recovered, and she went with him when he moved to Angel Grove, and helped out when he became a Power Ranger. It was because of Rita Repulsa's Evil Green Ranger spell that Lisa asked Tommy to coach her in martial arts. They were together -- spanning his four Ranger colors and him taking on a teaching job in Reefside, California -- until the day he died.

NAME: Dr. Jesse Travis
ORIGIN: Diagnosis Murder
INFO:(This info is being rewritten)

NAME: Ryan Steele
ORIGIN: VR Troopers
INFO: Ryan watched her while she tried to do simple martial arts moves, getting more and more frustrated every time her attempts failed. Feeling sorry for her, he offered to help. Taken with this handsome stranger, Lisa allowed him to help with her positioning, and all it took was one look into each other's eyes for them to take more than a liking to each other. A month later, Ryan's father, Tyler Steele, went missing, and Ryan -- as well as his two friends Kaitlin Star and JB Reese -- became part of a superhero band known as the VR Troopers to fight against the evil Grimlord. Lisa helped them, and she and Ryan were together until the day he died.

NAME: Prince Dex
COLOR: #828F79
ORIGIN: Masked Rider
INFO: Dex's fight against Count Dregon and his minions
proved to be a little too much for Dex as the Masked Rider to handle alone, which is why he sent for Lisa. They fell in love soon after reuniting, and she stayed with him until the day he died.

NAME: Clark Kent
COLOR: #0000FF
ORIGIN: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
INFO: Clark was enraptured by this enchanting girl who could line dance so well. He introduced himself and they spent the night talking. They fell in love, and found out their mutual secrets: Clark was, in fact, an alien as well, from the planet Krypton, though this is a fact he wouldn't learn until later. Clark took a job in Metropolis as a reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper. He also assumed an alternate identity, that of Superman, the city's hero. This relationship with Clark could be noted as the longest relationship Lisa had ever been in, as Clark's lifespan was far longer than that of a normal human's. She stayed with him until the day he died.

NAME: Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
COLOR: #333333
ORIGIN: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
INFO: Wesley was a Watcher-turned-Rogue Demon Hunter, and he'd been on the trail of a demon when he found odd evidence to something more, like a glowing feather. This led him to Lisa, and they fell in love. They met up with an old acquaintance of Wesley's, a vampire with a soul named Angel, and they joined in his fight to rid the world of those creatures that go bump in the night and kill people while they do so. They were together until 2001, where a number of factors caused Lisa to feel that Wesley wasn't the man she'd fallen in love with, and she left him, severing the link.
(He probably won't be posting much, if at all)

NAME: Gary Hobson
COLOR: #315030
ORIGIN: Early Edition
INFO: Lisa was captured by a mad scientist known as Dr. Walter Von Braun, who had apparently been on her tail since her time with the Doctor, from atop Chicago's Sears Tower. In an attempt to rescue her, Gary got himself accidentally injected with a drug made especially for Lisa, which proved to be toxic to his system, causing him to become very sick. He was cured with Medicus' help, and Lisa made Von Braun leave her alone by giving him a taste of his own medicine, so to speak. She returned to Gary and stayed with him until the day he died.

NAME: Luke Skywalker
COLOR: #008000
ORIGIN: Star Wars
INFO:"Who is that hunk of tall, blonde and gorgeous?" was Lisa's first reaction to the young moisture farmer. Ben, who had been on Tatooine and had met Luke days before, made what he would later refer to as the biggest mistake of his life and introduced them. Luke and Lisa fell in love almost instantly. Their relationship would span a war and Luke starting a Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. Lisa and Luke were together until the day he died, when he gave her his lightsaber and promised to try to visit her as a spirit, as Obi-Wan Kenobi did after his death.

NAME: Lieutenant Commander Data
ORIGIN: Star Trek: The Next Generation
INFO: An android and an alien seemed like an odd pairing, but Lisa and Data became friends while he served as Lieutenant Commander and Ops operator aboard the Enterprise. After Data received his emotion chip, he found himself experiencing a new and wonderful emotion: love. He and Lisa fell in love, and they were together for a good chunk of the timeline. When his power cells were finally growing weak with age, he made his last request to Lisa: become the science officer on the ship he'd been working on, the Victory, which he'd asked Ben to captain. Though she wasn't really keen on spending more time with Ben than she had to, she wanted Data to pass in peace, as a result, she agreed, albeit reluctantly, and he died in her arms.

NAME: Erik
COLOR: #926F2B
ORIGIN: The Phantom of the Opera
INFO: Due to being out in the storm and his weakened immune system, Erik fell very ill and Lisa nursed him back to health. They fell in love and he decided to stay with her, for on Alnilam, he wouldn't be judged by his looks. At his request, Lisa returned him to Earth in the year 1911 so he could say goodbye to Christine DaaƩ by leaving a rose on her gravestone. He lived out the rest of his life with Lisa on Alnilam.

COLOR: #909FA6
ORIGIN: Doctor Who
INFO: K9 was the Doctor's mechanical dog, given to him by Prof. Marius. Mark I left to live on Gallifrey with Leela. Mark II stayed in E-Space with Romana. Mark III was a gift to Sarah Jane Smith. Although not a guy, AL loved that tin dog.

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